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The Google expert group spits out Keen as an alternative to Pinterest

Google Alerts, almost the other way around: this is how you could also describe the Pinterest-like platform Keen. However, the tool still doesn't work smoothly enough.

Without much notice, Google has launched a new experiment. The basement is the incubator for 120 ideas from the internal area, from which new services continue to decline, only to be rescheduled some time later. The youngest member of Area 120 is Keen, a platform that is already competing with Pinterest.

  Google Keen Area 120 screenshot

How to create a new Keen [19659006] Techcrunch interprets Keen as Google Alerts backwards. Alerts can be used to set up notifications on certain keywords when Google has found new content. The concept at Keen is similar. If you create a new one, of course it's called Keen first you lose a title. Keen suggests directly connected web searches for this, which can be added with a click of the mouse. Alternatively, you can also enter your own keywords.

The Keen is already created. On its side are three tabs, the Explore tab is controlled in the middle and by default. The results that Google finds for the entered search terms are processed here. These can be articles, Amazon products or YouTube videos. By clicking on the diamond shaped button, the entries land on the Gems . If you want to customize the terms you want to search for, you can do it in the right tab called Search .

 Chrome G1nwc1yfko

Get inspired by other Keens [19659006] If you are not currently inspired by what you want to get inspired, you can find a remedy on the home page at Explore . Here Keens are introduced by the community and staff, who can follow directly. You can also see at a glance how popular the Keens are and how many gems they contain.

Scrolling is a little annoying, at least in my previous web experience with Keen-Behavior. If I dig deeper and deeper into the Keens, maybe click on an exciting one and then want to come back, I start at the top of the home page. This is particularly annoying because Keen does not support infinite scrolling, but new content must always be reordered with a click of the mouse. In addition to the web interface, there is also an Android app.


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