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Huawei users get even more of themselves with the member app

Huawei wants to offer its new customers more advantages with the help of the Member Center application to compensate other disadvantages against the competition.

Huawei quietly unveiled another Android app for its own customers in the spring of 2020. The still-new Member Center app should offer benefits for those who choose the new Huawei smartphones today and in the future. All with the background that Huawei needs new means to win smartphone customers, although it is no longer allowed to offer popular applications and Internet services from Google. Not only do you need a replacement in the form of cool apps, but other incentives too. However, having to offer more after buying a smartphone is a challenge for all manufacturers today.

Huawei Member Center with some advantages

The Huawei Member Center is supposed to create such incentives. It offers a premium member service, various rewards, exclusive discounts and other "Huawei stuff". Below you can read in detail what the Member Center has to offer.

 Screenshots of the Huawei Member Center

Premium Service for Members

Need technical assistance? ? Do you want to check your status at HUAWEI Points? Or do you want to know if there are new offers in the HUAWEI store? The HUAWEI Member Center will guide you to all the important services on your P40.

Get your personal rewards!

We are all happy with small gifts. It's a way to thank you for your loyalty: As a member, we regularly send you small personal rewards. You can also take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts, such as free content on HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Video. Regularly visit the HUAWEI Member Center so you don't miss a thing!

Exclusive shopping discounts

It doesn't matter if you buy clothes or furniture, go to a restaurant, or use a shared car service. : As a HUAWEI member, you save money on many everyday moments! Discover exclusive coupons and discounts in the My Coupons app and redeem them directly.

What is the next activity?

Watch a blockbuster on HUAWEI Video or discover summer playlists on HUAWEI Music: There are many ways to have fun with the HUAWEI P40. The HUAWEI Member Center gives you a practical overview of all the highlights of entertainment. Just take a look and take part in exciting activities, whether online or offline.

Exclusive product news

A completely new product like the HUAWEI P40 for the first time to get your hands on the many features and technical characteristics. In the HUAWEI Member Center you will find official news about new devices, applications and special events. So it will always be updated!

Your way to the Member Center

The Member Center application is pre-installed on HUAWEI P40 series devices and with version 10.1 of EMUI or higher. And of course the subscription is free! Please note: An EMUI version update cannot be installed on older smartphones.

You can only download the Member Center through the internal application gallery.


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